Ainu Museum


The Ainu Museum in Shiraoi is a one-of-a kind folk museum where most of the personnel are Ainu descendants. People from all over the world come to visit this facility.

In addition to reproductions of a type of house called the cise, the museum also features cultural artifacts of Ainu who lived in Hokkaido, Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands.
With simple displays reflecting the basic Ainu culture and lifestyle, including food, clothing and housing, this facility constitutes a base for research and studies of the Ainu culture and for interaction with indigenous peoples worldwide.

Events aiming at widely promoting traditional Ainu songs, prayers, dances and foods are held regularly.
The museum holds such events, conducts Ainu-related studies, and exhibits items. This facility is a key player in the “iwor reproduction project” aiming at recreating a traditional Ainu ecosystem and resource area., a project in which the entire town is involved.

A course is being held in the museum's training room. The purpose is to ensure that future generations have an unprejudiced and accurate understanding of the Ainu culture.
In Shiraoi, the museum's Ainu curator offers courses to school personnel so that children equally and accurately learn about the Ainu history and culture.

image Cise, or traditional houses of Ainu, line up at the museum site.

image Museum tours are regularly held.

image The purpose of this event is to teach the
children the Ainu concept that by touching a
live fish caught with the net and then eating
it they receive the gift of life. After fishing,
the salmon is grilled in the traditional Ainu style.